Find The Right Lens In An Instant, So You Don't Miss A Moment

Step up your lens organization so that you can focus on your best work

Useful as well as visually impressive and professional.


There's practical value for Field Made Co.'s indicator labels, it doesn't hurt that the labels are aesthetically pleasing.

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Lens Indicator Packs

Collections of the most popular lens indicators in packs

Pro Lens Indicator Packs

Indicators featuring all the lens details like focal lengths, aperture and designation in a pack.

Minimalist Lens Indicator Packs

Indicators featuring only the lens focal length for a clean and minimal design in a pack.

Special Edition Camera Indicators

Single Indicators

Get only the indicators you need for your lenses or cameras

Single Pro Lens Indicators

Features all the lens information like focal length, aperture and designation.

Single Camera Indicators

Give some style to your cameras with Field Made camera indicators.

What Everybody's Saying About Our Indicators

Lens cap stickers are not only functional but also beautiful. As a photographer for the wire services, it's really nice to identify exactly the lens I need, when I need it - especially if I'm in a hurry.

Jim R. - Florida, USA


The Assignment Field Book

Every creative project is filled with tiny details; the Assignment Field Book helps you get organized, making your job easier during photo & video shoots. From shot lists to lighting setups, use it to bring your vision to life and keep it handy as a reference tool for future projects. 

The Memo Pocket Field Book

Our version of the classic pocket notebook 3 pack for photographers and filmmakers.

Field Made Co

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Who We Are

About Field Made

Field Made was born from our love of photography, the deep absorption and consideration for the process of taking pictures. But above all, for the love and gratification of creating beautiful and useful things to enhance the photographic experience.

Our Mission

Our mission at Field Made Co. is to empower photographers and videographers to get organized, be successful and live their passion.

We Quit Plastics

In an effort to do our part for the environment, we gave ourselves the challenge to use as little single use plastics as we can. This mean you won't find poly bags, bubble wrap, trim bags or plastic shrink wrap in our packagings.