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Wayward; Chris Burkard's Life and Stories Behind is Breathtaking Images

© Chris Burkard
© Chris Burkard
© Chris Burkard
© Chris Burkard

Whether you are a fan of surf photography or not, you need to check out Chris Burkard's book, Wayward. This breathtaking collection of photos will transport you to some of the most beautiful and remote locations in the world. From the rugged coastline of Northern California to the frozen waters of Iceland, Chris captures the power and beauty of the natural world in a truly awe-inspiring way.

Chris Burkard is a world-renowned surf photographer who has been capturing the power and beauty of the natural world for over a decade. His work has been featured in numerous magazines and online publications, and he has won several awards for his stunning photography. In his new book, Wayward, Burkard opens up about his personal life and the struggles he's faced in order to become one of the most successful surf photographers in the world. The photos in this book are absolutely breathtaking, and I guarantee that you'll be inspired by Burkard's story - even if you're not into surfing.

"There were probably about thirty people in the entire world making a living as a surf photographer. I, on the other hand, didn’t even yet own a passport, let alone a good enough camera to produce an image worthy of a double-page spread - but I was determined to make it happen."

The book includes never-before-seen images by Burkard and gains insight into the stories behind their capture. The infectious passion that Burkard has for photography and adventure is unparalleled; this certainly comes across in Wayward through his images of awe-inspiring locations and action shots.

"The dream was to be a surf photographer. But that was—and still is—a wildly misunderstood career path. It was not about hanging out on tropical beaches and getting a tan. It was about chasing long-period swells around the globe with athletes of the highest calibre while pushing my mind and body to wield a camera in big surf while going toe-to-toe with some of the world’s most challenging waves."

I absolutely enjoyed Chris Burkard's new book, Wayward. The photos are absolutely breathtaking, and I was absolutely inspired by Burkard's story. This isn't your average surf photography book- it's so much more than that. Whether you are a fan of surf photography or not, you need to check out this book!

Check out his Book here:

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