The Assignment Field Book

Plan, Archive And Learn From Your Sessions All in One Place.

Field Made Co has cut through the clutter and designed an simple tool to help plan and archive every shoot detail.

By planning and recording our sessions, we're creating a rich archive for future reference so we can study our mistakes and learn from them. When something works or not, it helps to know what our circumstances were at the time.

Studying our failures and victories can provide tremendous insight, guidance, and confidance for future sessions.

The Assignment Field Book
The Assignment Field Book
The Assignment Field Book
The Assignment Field Book
The Assignment Field Book
The Assignment Field Book
The Assignment Field Book
The Assignment Field Book
The Assignment Field Book

Field Made Co.

The Assignment Field Book

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Every creative project is filled with tiny details; the Assignment Field Book helps you get organized, making your job easier during photo & video shoots. From shot lists to lighting setups, use it to bring your vision to life and keep it handy as a reference tool for future projects. 


  • Size : 5 1/4" x 7 1/4", 160 pages
  • Clothbound hardcover notebook
  • Illustrated QuickStart Guide
  • Project title, date, location and description section
  • Shot list & gear list
  • Lighting blueprint and itinerary section
  • Notes and reflection section
  • Project index pages
  • Cheat sheet reference guide

Designed & Made in Canada

Made of 100% locally sourced and sustainable recycled paper using biogas energy and a chlorine-free process.


Why Use The Assignment Field Book?

1. Consistency

The Assignment Field Book is the perfect reference tool for when you need to reproduce lighthing multiple times.

2. Reference Library

Keeping a written database of information from your past shoots is an excellent way to save time when doing other similar projects.

3. Learning from errors & victories

The note section of the shoot project is perfect for reflecting on the session and writing what improvements could have been made for future reference.

The Benefits of Handwriting

It may seem a step backward to implement a methodology that requires you to write things out the old-fashioned way. But a growing body of research points to continued practicality of the handwritten word in our digital age. The movement of writing by hand stimulates our mind more effectively than typing and imprints what we learn in a deeper level. It can also allow us to form new connections that can yield unconventional solutions and insights.

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