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Born From Our Love of Photography, Crafted to Enhance the Image Making Experience.

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Indicator Packs

Minimalist Lens Indicator Packs

Indicators featuring only the lens focal length for a clean and minimal design in a pack

Single Indicators

Single Pro Lens Indicator

Get only the indicators you need for your lenses. Featuring all the lens information like focal length, aperture and designation

Special Edition Camera Indicators

Reviews From Our Awesome Customers

When I saw the initial ad for these, I thought nice, but not for me - I use Dymo labels and they work fine. Until...I bought an NKZ 100-400 from the big auction house and it arrived with a Field Made Company sticker already attached. They look way better than the homemade labels and more functional. Thanks!

Gregg L.

Field Made Co

Accessory Essentials

Little gems designed to help any image makers get organized or flaunt their passion.


The Assignment Field Book

A new and simple tool to organize
your photo and video shoots

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About Field Made Co

Field Made was born from our love of photography, the deep absorption and consideration for the process of taking pictures. But above all, for the love and gratification of creating beautiful and useful things to enhance the photographic experience.

Our Mission

Our mission at Field Made Co. is to empower photographers and videographers to get organized, be successful and live their passion.

We Quit Plastics

In an effort to do our part for the environment, we gave ourselves the challenge to use as little single use plastics as we can. This mean you won't find poly bags, bubble wrap, trim bags or plastic shrink wrap in our packagings.