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Une belle touche de finition

Autocollant de bonne qualité et au design parfait

Professional looking, easy to apply, keeps it organized

These stickers are very easy to apply and professional looking. I definitely prefer this look to the handwritten Sharpie look I was sporting before. Everything in my lens case looks so clean and organized. I love keeping dedicated caps for the camera bodies too. It just gives it a real clean, professional look. I will be buying more as my lens collection increases.

Innovated Product

Nice decals makes it easy to see what’s in your bag!

Reggie, Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that our labels have made it easier to quickly identify the gear in your bag. Happy shooting! Best, Vivian

Lens Caps

If you have multiple lenses in your bag, you can quickly find the one you need with the lens cap indicator. An absolutely great idea that makes it so convenient and useful. The website offers easy access to the product line and checkout. Customer service was accessible and personable. Highly recommended.

Hi Thomas, Thanks for the fantastic review! We're truly grateful for your recommendation. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything in the future. Best, Vivian


I use different equipment for different shoots. These labels have made it much easier to select the lenses and bodies I need quickly.

Hi Gary, Thanks for sharing your experience! We're delighted our labels have streamlined your gear selection. Wishing you continued success in capturing those great shots! Best regards, Vivian

Professional finishing touch

The indicator labels arrived in sturdy packaging. The outer and inner packing had been opened then resealed, presumably by border force to check the contents. The rear lens indicator labels are what I have fitted so far. These are of high quality and fit perfectly into the rear lens cap. They look very professional. They are simple to fit - you just need a little care to get the perfect alignment. For Canon the RF rear covers have an index mark which can be awkward to locate, especially with aging eyesight. When fitting the end cap, this index mark needs to align with the red dot on the lens. This is where the indicator label assists as it has a red 'x' which you align with the index mark when fitting the label. Makes it so much easier to align when fitting the cap to the lens. I own an RF 15-35 and an RF 24-70 which look very similar, and in the past I have picked up the wrong lens when dashing out the door for a photo shoot. Now it's great to be able to easily identify them in the storage cupboard or camera bag. Any new Canon RF lenses I purchase will definitely receive one of these lens indicators. Highly recommended for rapid lens identification, easy fitting of the rear lens cover, and for adding a professional look to your gear.

Hi John, Thank you for sharing your experience with our labels! We're delighted to hear that they arrived securely packaged and that you find them of high quality and professional-looking. We appreciate your recommendation and look forward to assisting you with any future lens additions. Best regards, Vivian


Perfect service, really nice and useful product.

Hi Tobias, Thank you for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear that you're happy with both the product and our service. If you ever need anything else, don't hesitate to reach out. Best regards, Vivian

Great product

Great product, fast service even to the other side of the world.

Hi David, Thank you for your review! We're thrilled to hear that you're happy with our product and the service, even with the distance. If you ever need anything else, feel free to reach out! Best regards, Vivian

Excellent Product, Professional Appearance

Excellent product that provides a professional appearance to my lenses. I can now readily identify and pick up the correct lens among my growing Z lens collection. Each label identifies the lens by focal length and max aperture. So even if I have two lenses with the same focal lengths, they are still distinguishable by aperture. The labels are durable and should last the life of the lenses.

Thank you, Michael! We're delighted our labels are enhancing the professional presentation of your lenses. We appreciate your feedback and are thrilled they're helping you efficiently manage your lens collection. Thanks again, Vivian

Very nice

Very nice stickers, they feel like they are great quality

However I do find them a little difficult to come out of the packaging. In attempt to remove the sticker from the pack I accidentally damaged the sticker a bit.

They look great minus the white marks

Hi Adam, Thank you for your feedback! We're glad you like the stickers, but we're sorry to hear about the difficulty with the packaging and the accidental damage. I'll send you an email shortly to make this right for you. Best regards, Vivian






Great lens cap stickers

The stickers are good quality!! Customer service was excellent.

Thanks, Jennifer! Thrilled you're happy with the stickers and our service. Happy shooting! Best, Vivian

Good idea, well executed

I came across Field Made while searching online for accessories that would make good additions to my kit. I thought that having labels for all my lenses was a great idea, and promptly ordered both the front and back labels for my new Fuji system. The price was reasonable for the value this would add to the organization of my bag. Often when in the field there will be a sudden need for a specific lens. I often switch lenses while shooting, and the end result is a group of lenses that are stuck wherever they fit at the moment. Having labels helps me quickly find a lens. I use primes, so there are 3 lenses almost identical in size in my bag.
The labels are quite substantial. They are made of a tough, water-resistant material.
The adhesive feels strong enough that will keep the labels in place.
I am very happy with these Field Made labels. A big plus for a small Canadian company that came about due to the Covid epidemic. The site is owned by actual photographers, a big plus.
Beyond the labels, the site offers other items and advice of interest to photographers, videographers, or film-makers. A+.

Hi Chris, Thank you so much for your detailed and positive review! We're thrilled to hear that you found the labels helpful for organizing your Fuji system. Your satisfaction means a lot to us, and we appreciate your support for a small Canadian company like ours. Thanks again for your thoughtful feedback! Best regards, Vivian

Great Company

Doing business with Field Made Co and working with Vivian is always a pleasure.

Hi James, Thank you for the kind words! It's always a pleasure working with you. If you have any more feedback or need assistance, feel free to let us know. Best, Vivian

My 3rd Order

I love field made stickers for my cameras and lenses, classy looking! I hope they would diversify their products like tshirts, hoodies for photographers and the like.

Hi Many, Thanks for your ongoing support and kind words! We appreciate your suggestion and enthusiasm for new products. If you have more ideas or requests, feel free to share. Thanks again for your feedback, we appreciate it! Vivian

Pro Lens Indicator Sticker for Canon RF

These stickers add an additional professional touch to all my Cameras and Lenses. They provide for quick access of the lens you are looking for in a single glance.

Hi Ian, Appreciate your feedback! It's great to know our Indicator labels contribute to a professional touch and simplify your lens access. Thanks again for the review – much appreciated! Best regards, Vivian

Love this product 👍🏻

Thanks, Ian! We appreciate your feedback! Best, Vivian :)

Beautiful packaging from a local store in Montreal, Quebec and the quality is excellent and durable. Highly recommend

Merci, Mathieu! We're thrilled you value our packaging and product. Your recommendation is truly appreciated. Thanks again for your feedback. Best regards, Vivian :)

Excellent stickers and customer service

I just think this is a company that cares. They are not reinventing the wheel with stickers, but just a simple fact that they actually write your name on an order inside an envelope and try to at least make an effort to make things personal for you makes me give this company the thumbs up. Stickers as well look very mature and clean

Danny, Thank you for the kind words! The personal touch is what makes our efforts worthwhile. Thanks again, we truly appreciate the thumbs up! Best regards, Vivian


As always, the product is perfect.

Thank you, Bryn! We're thrilled to hear that the product meets your expectations. Best regards, Vivian

Great stuff

My lens indicators help on assignment to quickly know what size filter I need and to find a lens when having to react quickly to a situation. They are a great source of information when in a hurry.

Hi John, Thanks for sharing! It's fantastic to hear that they provide quick information and aid in fast-paced situations. Your feedback means a lot! Thanks again, Vivian

Perfect for people with old eyes to see what lens they are reaching for in a deep dark bag.

Hi Robert, Thanks for sharing! We're glad to hear that our labels are helpful, especially for quickly identifying lenses in low-light conditions. Thanks again for your feedback, we appreciate it! Best regards, Vivian :)

Wonderful Product

The information on this product both front and back covers makes your lens selection easy. Whether the lens is in your bag or on the shelf in your safe this product makes your lens selection easy

Hi John, We're thrilled to know that our product is enhancing your lens organization, be it in your bag or on the shelf. Thanks for sharing your positive experience; we truly appreciate it! Best regards, Vivian

Great product

This is my second set of labels and these look amazing. I also love the presentation of the packaging with the personal touch.

Hi Robert, Thanks for your fantastic review! We're thrilled that you love our labels and appreciate the packaging. Your support means a lot. Best regards, Vivian

Good product

Nice addition to your beloved lenses!!!

Thanks, Johannas! So glad you're enjoying the product and finding it a great addition to your lens collection! Cheers to many more beautiful shots with your organized gear. - Vivian :)