Lens Indicator Vinyl Sticker for Sigma - Sony E Front & Rear Caps

Save 15% by adding 5-9 individual labels, 20% for 10-14 or more and 25% for 15 or more.


"The lens cap labels are one of the most rewarding additions to my equipment management system." - Gary B.

Don't miss a moment. Find the perfect lens instantly with our premium matte vinyl lens indicator labels – an essential tool for photographers and filmmakers.

Not only do they boost your workflow, but they also elevate your professional image by keeping your gear bag and case impeccably organized. Additionally, they make it a breeze for your assistants to quickly find the right lens.


  • Each label is sold separately and includes a rear lens cap indicator and a front cap indicator.
  • Rear indicators feature the filter size, focal length, aperture & lens designations.
  • Front indicators feature the focal length and filter size.
  • Custom-made for Sigma - Sony E rear and front lens caps.
  • Made of durable, UV & scratch resistant matte vinyl from North America.
  • Waterproof and outdoor-rated adhesive.
  • Crafted in our Montreal, Canada, workshop.
  • Ships in 1-3 business days.

      *Lens caps not included.

      © Field Made Co lens indicator designs are copyrighted

      Never Miss the Perfect Shot Again

      Say goodbye to fumbling and guesswork. With our Lens Indicator Labels, swiftly identify lenses and gear specifications for seamless transitions between shots. Keep your focus on the art of capturing moments, confident that you're always equipped with the right tools.

      Elevate Your Professional Image

      Impress clients and colleagues alike with your meticulous approach to your craft. The polished appearance of our labels showcases your attention to detail and dedication to your work.

      Enhance Collaboration and Efficiency

      Collaborative shoots require precision and coordination. Empower your assistants to find the right lens instantly, facilitating smooth and flawless shoots. By eliminating guesswork and minimizing delays, you'll ensure a harmonious and productive working environment.

      Learn how to apply indicators here


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      What Everybody is Saying

      Real reviews from our customers

      "Don’t know why I didn’t have anything like this sooner. Small cost to make your life just a wee bit easier but your gear look so much better."

      Luke S.

      "I’m a wilderness photographer, and for years fought the problem of finding a specific lense when I’m in a rush…Now I’ve found these!  Remarkable idea."

      Duane S.

      "Took no time and zero effort yet it looks amazing!"

      Ryan M.

      "The stickers make it much easier to grab the right lens from the bag as well as help to keep track of gear while out at events."

      Rob S.

      Complete Your Indicator Set

      Save 15% by adding 5-9 individual labels, or 20% for 10 or more. Select individual indicators from the dropdown menu and add them to your cart to create a bundle.
      #pack-type_rear-indicators pack
      Rear Lens Indicator Vinyl Sticker Packs for Sony FE Caps - V1
      Rear Lens Indicator Vinyl Sticker Packs for Sony FE Caps - V1
      Rear Lens Indicator Vinyl Sticker Packs for Sony FE Caps - V1
      Rear Lens Indicator Vinyl Sticker Packs for Sony FE Caps - V1
      #pack-type_rear-indicators pack
      #pack-type_rear-indicators pack
      #pack-type_rear-indicators pack
      #pack-type_rear-indicators pack
      #pack-type_rear-indicators pack
      #pack-type_rear-indicators pack
      Rear Lens Indicator Vinyl Sticker Packs for Sony FE Caps - V1
      A curation of indicators for 24 of Sony's most popular FE lenses. See list below.
      $20.00 $23.00
      On Sale Clearance