Field Made Co: Premium Photo and Video Accessories

Field Made Co is all about helping photographers and videographers get organised. Our premium photo and video accessories make it easy to keep your gear sorted and easy to find when you need it. We're a montreal-based company, so we know a thing or two about chilly winters and long nights! But don't worry, our products are designed to help you stay productive no matter what the weather's like.

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The People Behind Field Made Co

This Is Us

Jean-François is an accomplished commercial photographer and artist with almost 20 years under his belt on a mission to make the most of life. Vivian is a creative and content producer always searching for her next challenge. Together, they were inspired by their daughter Olivia to create this store, a project born from love and passion for photography & design. 

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We're always looking to find like-minded companies & creatives for collaborations as well as any opportunity to drive creativity.